Eldbjørg Hemsing named “2018 Artist in Residence” at Stormen Concert Hall (Bodø, Norway)

Press Release – 5 January 2018

Violinist Eldbjørg  Hemsing  is  the  ‘2018  Artist  in  Residence‘  at Stormen Konserthus Bodø Norway, where she will perform in concert and recital on several occasions  throughout  the  year.  The  iconic  concert  hall,  which  is  situated  in  Bodø  in  the  far North  of  Norway,  was  unveiled  in  2014  and  has  been  praised  for  both  its  world-class acoustics and initiative in presenting musical excellence.

Press release

In   her   first   appearance   at   Stormen   Eldbjørg   Hemsing   will   perform   Massenet’s Thaïs: Méditation  at  the  New  Year’s  Gala  Concert  (5  January  2018),  together  with  the  Norwegian Arctic Philharmonic (NOSO) and conductor Henrik Schäfer.  She returns in spring to perform Hjalmar  Borgström’s  Violin  Concerto  in  G  major,  op.  25  (9  March)  with  the  NOSO  and  Eva Ollikainen,  with  an  additional  performance  at  Tromsø  Kulturhuset.  Also  featured  in  the Residency  are  performances  of  Dvořák ́s Mazurek  and  Halvorsen’s Norwegian  Dances  for Violin  and  Orchestra  at  the  NOSO’s  outdoor  concert  at  Norland  Music  Festival,  whilst  her final appearance will be a specially programmed recital with pianist Simon Trpčeski.


I am honoured to be appointed Stormen’s ‘2018 Artist in Residence” commented Eldbjørg Hemsing.  “I  can’t  wait  to  get  up  to  the  North  again  where  I  have  such  fond  memories  of previous performances and where the wild and powerful nature gives a different dimension of musical inspiration. I am particularly proud to be performing Borgström’s violin concerto which  is  a  piece  that  I  have  become  passionate  about  and  which  deserves  much  more attention  than  it  currently  receives.  He  is  a  Norwegian  composer  who  was  famous  at  the beginning of the 20th century but whose name has completely dropped from programmes both at home and abroad.


About Stormen Konserthus Bodø / Stormen Concert Hall Bodø

Stormen  Konserthus  Bodø  /  Stormen  Concert  Hall  Bodø’s  world-class  acoustics  ensure optimal  conditions  for  classical  masterpieces  as  well  as  the  performances  of  pop/rock shows, theatre, dance and conferences.The  large  hall  seats  900  people  and  offers  some  of  the  worlds  best  acoustics  for  classical music.  Variable  acoustic  panels  and  a  full  size  flytower  and  orchestra  pit  makes  this  hall equally suitable for opera, ballet, pop, jazz, rock and theatre. Our Steinway grand piano was carefully  selected  by  Leif  Ove  Andsnes.  The  small  hall  seats  240,  the  chamber  hall  around 80. The foyers are well suitable for concerts and receptions, and legendary club venue Sinus (460 capacity) has the perfect atmosphere for jazz and rock.

We  are  very  proud  to  appoint  Eldbjørg  Hemsing  as  the  ‘2018 Artist  in  Residence’.  She  has truly established herself as a top international artist and we look forward to the variety of her virtuoso performances at our concert hall.Rolf-Cato Raade, director Stormen


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